After reading a ton this week about the Super Bowl and related articles I have come away emboldened.  I have not read or heard a thing I did not know. What does that mean? Maybe the writers and pundits are not so smart as they are the experts and if I can figure it out… well you can draw your own conclusions.

First off I am not into the Goodell-Brady feud revenge theories. Nor am I into the Patriot evil empire a story promulgated by the media and embraced by envious fans whose teams have not won a thing.  It sells so they got to write it!

The New England Patriots are nothing short of a dynasty—simple as that. That dynasty starts with Bill Belichick and pretty much ends with him. Belichick is the brains that sits atop of what happens with the team that competes on the field.

In a day and age where anti-intellectualism and anti-elitism are on the rise—I can see where people can find ways to denigrate the Patriots.  We have a White House that does not believe in either of the above– so why would we?That said, unfortunately there is no substitute for brains and ability.  Either you have them or you do not.  And Belichick has them, he is the greatest football mind of all time. Simple as that.

I really could care less about Bill Belichick’s politics, or his interests, same goes for Tom Brady. If you care about Tom Brady’s diet or his politics good for you. I can think for myself in those areas and it just goes to show that brains and ability in one area do not necessarily translate to another. For goodness sakes Brady is a quaterback and Belichick is football coach lets not make them more than they are!!

What I do care about is the ongoing desire to get better and win and the Patriots embody that philosophy. And they do win at an amazing rate-like no other team in modern history under conditions and rules that are set up against dynasties. Moreover, they are great entertainers to boot.

How they win is also something to be studied by all those who want to be successful in any field. The idea that there are no excuses when they lose-fail, that Belichick takes full responsibility for the teams play, and then looks to see where his team failed and fix it, is unfortunately novel in this day and age.

But it is truly a recipe for success and our politicians on both sides of the aisle could take a lesson from this philosophy and approach. My goodness we are in some mess now-but the Patriots are both stable and unfazed.

As game time approaches something inside me says the Falcons are going to win today. But then I remember a defensive coach who came up with an ingenious game plan to stop a similar offensive juggernaut when the Giants faced Jim Kelly and the Buffalo Bills.  That coach was Bill Belichick.

While I think the Falcons are probably a more talented team than the Patriots by a slim margin, I always pick brains over brawn.

So the pick here is the Patriots in a close game. Enjoy the Super Bowl!!


You all keep on paying attention to the silver object—liking where we going so far?  Crying about it is not going to do us any good. Don’t like something do something about it. Use your brains—you have em.




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