How much is a psychic reading?

Usually, it will cost you anywhere from $1 per minute. As for the maximum, well, this depends on the clientele. Some mediums offer their services to high-end clientele only. Research shows that some psychic readings have even cost more than $10,000.

Many people having their reading for the first time ask this question. Well, it is not much and anyway, you can even have your reading free of charge. What we mean is that every psychic has some kind of offer. Just check on their website before you engage them.

Of course, you will get discounts and even free minutes when calling a psychic medium on the phone. Depending on whom you contact, you can pay an extravagant price or a cheap price. It is a good idea to check how much money the psychic charges on their site before you call or chat with them.

Psychic Readings Are Charged Per Minute

Psychic mediums charge by the minute. The cost per minute can be hefty or affordable depending on a few things.

First, you will get the first one, two or three minutes free of charge. Most psychics give you three minutes. By then, you will have answered questions regarding your name, age and date of birth. You will also have explained what you need help or guidance. This could be career goals, love relationships and so on.

By the time the three free minutes are gone, you will have made up your mind whether you want to continue with the service or not.

You can also check on review sites that compare psychic services side by side. For example, you can check out Best Psychic Directory. It brings you psychic services and where to find them in different states. While it may not give you the prices, you will find a psychic medium located in your city or town.

Just search for psychic reviews online. First, this is a very sensitive business that is already flooded by cons and scams. Therefore, you need to check reviews to see what other people think of a certain advisor.  

On one psychic site, you will find side-by-side comparison of the prices. It is also good for you to be reasonable when looking for this service. Expect to spend even up to $21 per minute. Actually, you may find a list of advisors and their profiles. You will see that they charge different rates per minute.

After looking at their profiles, you will see why some charge high prices and some low prices. It depends on the experience one has, how many clients he or she has served and so on. The cheapest advisor is not always bad and the most extravagant one is not always the best one. Just find a balance between price and quality of the service.

Psychic readings charged by the hour

To get the best deal, it is best to get psychic readings charged by the hour. Thankfully, there are high as well as lowly priced services. You can get a reading for even less than $30 per hour. Some advisors also charge more than $65 an hour.

You can gauge which is going to be cost-friendlier to you. If you think your issue is not big, perhaps a reading charged by the minute will be better than one charged by the hour. However, you also have to remember that like any other service or product that you can buy online, getting a good psychic who will give you a high quality service costs a lot of money. 

Therefore, even in the range of $30 to $65, there is no guarantee that you will get a high quality service. At times, it is just better to pay more and get a higher quality service than otherwise.

If you want a high quality psychic reading service from an experienced psychic, expect to pay anywhere from $100 an hour, which translates to about $3 a minute. Most of the time, you can even pay up to $300 for a good service.

Per topic psychic reading pricing

Some psychic mediums even charge by the topic. For a simple topic that does not really need an indepth reading, you could be charged an amount of about $25. Group readings may attract lower charges per person in the group. Let us just say that before you call on a psychic, know what you want so that you do not spend more time and money than necessary.


You have seen how much is a psychic reading, although we have not really written exact figures. The most important thing to know is that high quality service costs more money and vice versa. You have also seen per minute, per hour and per topic pricing models. Choose what fits your budget.